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StarStarStarStarStar  10/8/2019      Verified Verified Buyer

Didn't feel pressured to buy anything and the sales people weren't pushy. They said they don't get commission, not sure I believe that though. But I guess you end up placing the order online anyway so maybe not. Either way will definitely keep them in mind for future jewelry needs.

-- Maurice P.   
Hawthorne, CA



StarStarStarStarStar  9/13/2019      Verified Verified Buyer

My ring is beautiful and I'm very happy with my husbands purchase. Great service and easy to work with. Manufacturing is in US which is great!

-- Amanda
Hanford, CA



StarStarStarStar  4/30/2019      Verified Verified Buyer

I received what i paid for but shipment was delayed by UPS. Returned for refund. I was supposed to get the earrings on Wednesday but it did not arrive until Thursday. I really needed it for a work event - I ended up returning the item for a refund because I purchased elsewhere to have a pair of earrings. They issued me a full refund two days after they received the item --- wish it was faster and they gave me some excuse about it having to go through inspection before issuing a refund.

-- Lisa C.
Spring, TX



StarStarStarStarStar  4/23/2019      Verified Verified Buyer

The process of purchasing was easy with Century. Will definitely buy from them again. great price and worth the value.

-- Jonathan L.
Brooklyn, NY



StarStarStarStarStar  3/19/2019      Verified Verified Buyer

My ring is beautiful and I'm very happy with my husbands purchase. Great service and easy to work with. Manufacturing is in US which is great!

-- Audrey B.
Hanford, CA



StarStarStarStarStar  1/27/2019      Verified Verified Buyer

Wife was happy, so I'm happy! Great experience and prices. Highly satisfied!! Will recommend to friends and family.

-- Chris P.
Spring, TX



StarStarStarStarStar  8/4/2018      Verified Verified Buyer

Was expecting something a bit worse given the money I spent comparatively. I was pleasantly surprised. They're a small mom and pop shop - help them out over the "big guys", you'll be happy. 4 stars because another time I called in I spoke to someone with a thick accent and I couldn't understand or hear her (very soft spoken). I just said I have to go and apologized and called back. Lyle helped me out when I called back And he was very helpful.

-- Lauren N.
Porter Ranch, CA



StarStarStarStar  7/13/2018      Verified Verified Buyer

Like a lot of the other reviewers here say, ask for Mike. He's very helpful and took the time to walk me through what I should get. He warned me about a few things that no other jeweler would because it would risk losing the sale. I was planning on purchasing a ring that was around $8k, he convinced me on another item that was $1000 less. Can't say I've had many sales people talk me into spending less. He said he doesn't work on commission but not sure I believe that. He'd make a killing if he was. I'm not gonna sugar coat it though, I only gave 4 stars because of someone I was dealing with before I talked to Mike wasn't as easy to work with. I can't recall his name. As far as shipping goes, took about a week and a half for them to make the ring and they shipped it overnight for free. Certified paperwork came with it. I gave that to my insurance company and to claim on my insurance so saved me an extra step.

-- Alex E.
Spring, TX



StarStarStarStarStar  2/2/2018      Verified Verified Buyer

Had my doubts. But they checked out okay. My earrings are great!

-- Caren D.
Concord, NH



StarStarStarStarStar  12/16/2017      Verified Verified Buyer

Awesome company. Talk to mike if you can - really easy to work with.

-- Jonathan F.
Knights Landing, CA



StarStarStarStarStar  9/6/2017      Verified Verified Buyer

My wife and I both loved them, but of course, she wanted bigger than what I ordered. We are exchanging them. They are making it easy.

-- A rod L
Portland, OR



StarStarStarStarStar  9/1/2017      Verified Verified Buyer

Shopping made easy. Thank you for getting my order in time for our anniversary. Wife loved them.

-- Al N
Cleveland, OH



StarStarStarStarStar  12/16/2016      Verified Verified Buyer

Bought some earrings for myself for Christmas this year. Bought them on a Monday, received on Friday (I paid for overnight shipping). My husband was upset I bought them for so much money and he wanted me to return them. Send it back overnight to them and they got it on Monday and issued the refund on Tuesday. My husband was pretty upset I spent the money so thankful they refunded me so quickly. My gut says he bought me jewelry himself for Christmas. Fingers crossed.

-- Sylvia G.
Houston, TX


StarStarStarStarStar  10/2/2016      Verified Verified Buyer

I received AMAZING client service! shortly after placing my order on your website, I received a phone call by one of your customer service reps who wanted to let me know about the quality of the diamonds I had selected for my earrings and spent time with me on the phone / website to help me pick out the perfect pair of earrings (the ones I had initially were of a lesser color & clarity and were not going to be as "sparkly" as I wanted). The earrings I received in the main more than exceeded my expectations and have been on my ears every day since they were delivered!

-- Shannon C.
Bakersfield, CA


StarStarStarStar  9/8/2016      Verified Verified Buyer

In my search for engagement rings, I stumbled upon this place on line. I will be the first to admit, I was a little skeptical at first because I had never heard of them. After looking at their prices, that made me even more skeptical because seriously, who offers jewelry at those prices?! I bookmarked the page and kept looking at other sites and the others just did not have good versions of the type of ring I was looking for - split shank halo ring with the princess cut. The version that Century Diamonds had by far the best looking ring I could find. So, I took the leap of faith and ordered the ring. I loved the ring, however, when it showed up, there was a fairly large inclusion right in the middle of the stone that stood out like a sore thumb once you knew it was there. I called, sent it back, and got a new stone put in the ring and it only took about a week. They received it on a Wednesday and I had asked for it back by Saturday and we had it Friday!! Amazingly fast!! My now fiance loves the ring. I feel like a good representation of how the guy did on the purchase of the ring is what other women say about it. I have gotten so many compliments on the ring and how "beautiful" it is. Century Diamonds provides an excellent product at an even better customer service level. The reason for my 4 stars instead of 5 is their phone system. When you call to get in contact with them, you're usually on hold for about a half an hour. It almost seems like they have a timer as well, so when you're on hold for a certain amount of time, it automatically disconnects you and you have to call back. This was a pain in the butt, happened to me about 3 or 4 times. This would be my only area for improvement for Century, get a better phone system. Excellent experience overall and would highly recommend this place to anyone looking for jewelry.

-- Rob P.
Puyallup, WA


StarStarStar  12/24/2015      Verified Verified Buyer

I apologize in advance for the length of this review, but to get an understanding of the situation it has to be long. I'm not the type to leave a review (good or bad), but I was left with no choice with my experience the last couple of days. A little background: work keeps me really busy and I tend to travel a lot around the holidays. It was December 21, I had no Christmas gift for my wife, no time, in the east coast and wouldn't be back home until Christmas Eve. In other words, I was ***insert expletive word here***.

I started my hunt for an online shop that can deliver me quality 3-carat diamond earrings by Christmas Eve. After many calls, I had no luck doing so. December 22 comes around and after some more calls and searching, I stumbled across Century. I told myself that this was going to be my last call before I decided to get something other than jewelry. When I called I spoke to Mike and told him my situation. Told him my budget (a considerable amount of money), he placed me on hold for what probably felt like hours but in actuality was less than 5 minutes. He comes back and asks me the metal I want it set in and the backing. After I tell him he says he says that they still need to manufacture it but he is about 85% sure he can have it done and shipped by the 23rd and in my hands on the 24th. I figured these were my best odds considering how much effort I put in before this phone call. I gave him my credit card information and prayed. The 23rd rolls around and I figured I would call them at 7pm East coast time (4pm where they are located) to check on the order. At 5pm East coast time my wife texted me that I have a package. I wasn't expecting anything that day so I asked her who sent it and she said "Century Inc." I tell her not to open it. I call Century, ask to speak to Mike and he says he didn't want to risk any UPS delays, Merry Christmas and to travel safely back home. I was speechless. I get back home Christmas Eve (today), open the package, see the earrings, some gift wrapping paper and a generic Christmas card along with a note: "We figured you wouldn't have time to buy gift wrapping paper or a card so here you go. Merry Christmas. Mike" I am left speechless again. I call him again and ask him what he wants for Christmas... He says nothing and he tells me just to tell my friends.

So here I am leaving my first ever and well deserved review. Somewhere along the way companies forgot what good service was all about... Pleased to say that these guys have not forgotten. Mike, if you happen to read this I will be in LA in January for work... I'm taking you out to lunch. A gift will also be shipped out for you and your colleagues to enjoy on Friday. To the reader: You are probably wondering why I left three stars. In short, I wanted to draw your attention to this review. I personally never read 5 star reviews. I also don't believe all the other 5 star reviews accurately represent how great of a company this is. Thank you for taking your time to read my feedback - I hope this will help you in your decision-making process. Dr. C.

-- Dr. C.
Chicago, IL


StarStarStarStarStar  12/15/2015      Verified Verified Buyer

I have ordered jewelry through Century Diamonds on several occasions. They always deliver on time, once even 2 days sooner than expected. Their customer service is also very helpful and kind. I never had any issues and the jewelry is high quality! I will continue to shop here and I warmly recommend Century Diamonds to anyone.

-- Bojan S.
Orlando, FL


Brett & Julie Video Testimonial

StarStarStarStarStar  4/20/2015      Verified Verified Buyer


-- Brett & Julie Video Testimonial
Chicago, IL


StarStarStarStarStar  4/2/2012      Verified Verified Buyer

We decided for my daughters 17 birthday we wanted to get her a diamond ring being her birth stone is a diamond. We never dreamed it possible to get her a “real” diamond and was ready to settle for a cubic until we came across this jewelry store. We purchase a 3 stone ring, with stones of a lesser quality because it was in our budget. When the sales rep called to confirm our order and take our payment information he educated us on the diamond quality and was very truthful and honest and did not want us to be disappointed and told us upfront the differences of the diamonds. We decided to go ahead with the order and if anything wasn’t to our liking we were told we can always trade up but we would have the opportunity to make our own judgment. The order wasn’t expected until Thursday 4-5. Imagine our surprise, the ring came 4-2, and is perfect and exactly what we were looking for. The ring is quite substantial being a .50 carat weight. The stones do have a slight color to them, but we feel that makes them even more brilliant and reflective when the light hits the stones. Any imperfections cannot be seen by a naked eye. This is a perfect gift for anyone, not just a 17 year old and beyond the expectations of the description. We are not only satisfied with the purchase, but the whole process was extremely pleasurable. We will definitely be sharing this store with all our family and friends as well as putting it on TOP of our favorites list. You will be getting repeat business!!! Thanking you again for all your courtesy and cooperation. Sincerely, Lisa

-- Lisa P.
Islip Terrace, NY


StarStarStarStarStar  12/11/2011      Verified Verified Buyer

I was a bit apprehensive at buying a diamond ring online. When I finally warmed up to the idea after doing my share of research, I only wanted to buy by the
"big"names. Then I stumbled upon Century Diamonds one night and compared their prices to others, and they beat everyone hand down.

I then called them to make sure I was not going to be swindled into buying a lower quality diamond. I spoke to a Ryan, and he could not have been anymore helpful. He reassured me and even told me which one of my choices to buy.

After talking to him a little bit more he showed me their diamond education page and guided me with the different types of diamond qualities. I bought a 1 carat D color and VS2 clarity diamond. Before I bought it I compared it to other jewelry stores here in NY and even some others online like Zales. Century definitely had them all beat by a huge margin!

When it finally came I was a little anxious opening it, but it was perfect and my girlfriend, now fiance, loved it also!!

-- Armin L
New York, NY


StarStarStarStarStar  6/12/2011      Verified Verified Buyer

I just made my second purchase through Century Diamonds and I couldn't be happier. I bought a beautiful 3 stone diamond ring for my mother's birthday several months ago, and just got a lovely pair of diamond studs to match for mother's day. You really can't beat the price, quality, fast and friendly customer service, and flexible return policy. They have diligently answered my phone questions with both purchases. I am quite the bargain shopper, and definitely wasn't able to find a retailer that was able to even closely beat their prices (plus I found an additional yelp promo code which made the deal even better) for the same quality/size stone. 

I also LOVED the online search option that allowed me to narrow down the studs I wanted by price point, clarity, and size of the stone... this was definitely a cool feature that made shopping much easier! 

The other great perk was their lifetime upgrade/exchange policy so that my mom can choose to upgrade her ring/earrings down the line if she wants.

Delivery was prompt, their return policy gave me peace of mind in my purchase, and the earrings were fabulous! What a great find!

--Arta L.
Redondo Beach, CA


StarStarStarStarStar  7/22/2011      Verified Verified Buyer

I had been considering buying a diamond pendant for a while and did a lot of research on the best deal. I randomly stumbled across this place through Yelp and was pleasantly surprised with the prices, products, service and value. I was hesitant in buying jewelry online but I'm so glad I went for it. After I placed the order a sales rep called me about 30 min later to go over the diamond quality. It was a pretty educational conversation and they answered all my questions which was so reassuring. I received the pendant on schedule and it was simply beautiful. I will definitely use them again.

--Alex C.
San Diego, CA


StarStarStarStarStar  3/26/2011      Verified Verified Buyer

So I was little skeptical to buy jewelry online, especially diamonds since I don't know that much about them.  I've been wanting a pair of diamond earrings forever (and my bf won't take the hints)...  I got a big fat bonus check through work so I decided to splurge.  I found Century Diamonds in a google search and compared their prices to some other sites and they seemed to be the most reasonable.  I was still a little hesitant so I called and spoke to one of their customer services reps (Ryan maybe?).  He walked me through some of the diamond basics and helped me make a selection...he even gave me a coupon code for 5% off since I was a first time customer!  I was really pleased with my earrings... they were definitely the bling I was looking for!   I would totally recommend Century!

-- Chanucey P. 
Culver City, CA


StarStarStarStarStar  1/26/2012      Verified Verified Buyer

Just would like to write that Century Diamonds has an excellent customer service. I had to exchange my earrings, and the prompt and courteous interaction with the place was above what I expected. The product came to me extremely fast. I was a very satisfied customer, and will recommend them to all my family, friends and co-workers.

-- Maryann F. 
Troy, MI 


StarStarStarStarStar  12/28/2011      Verified Verified Buyer

As a reward for being such a great wife, my husband bought me some diamond earrings for Christmas this year!! Never having real diamonds, I searched around for quality and found this company online! They teach you how to buy diamonds, I did not know you needed to know how to do that, and their customer service person Ryan L was the best at helping me pick something I would be happy with!! I received them very quickly and they were exquisite! I would use them again and again!!

-- Dawn C.
Boston, MA 


StarStarStarStarStar  12/27/2011      Verified Verified Buyer

Ryan the manager was very accommodating. My diamond ring was breathtaking and looked better than expected. Great value. I give my highest recommendation!

-- Sarah M.
Scottsdale, AZ


StarStarStarStarStar  11/8/2011      Verified Verified Buyer

I just purchased engagement ring through Century Diamonds.I couldn't be happier!
At first I was sceptical,it was almost to good to be true,but when I got my ring,I was so happy.Beautiful.classic style, outstanding quality of diamond and setting in 14k gold.It was everything I dreamed about for affordable price.And service was great too.
I will recommend Century Diamonds for all my friends and family.
Thanks Century!

-- Anzhelia K.
Houston, TX 


StarStarStarStarStar  8/9/2011       Verified Verified Buyer

Wow! Did I luck out finding this company! After making contact with a few unsatisfactory companies, I landed here with Century Diamonds. Thank goodness.....they have gold in Ryan, their customer service rep. Being a fussy, skittish buyer, he made sure that I knew every step of the way that he would not stop until he found the right ring and he did. There may be some tweaking and, of course, an independent appraisal, but I have complete faith in this company and the staff - Thank you - that's a lot of money and investment in my jewelry. Getting it right is No. 1 priority - and they've made good on that. Again, Ryan, thanks for all of your help. You are a great guy to deal with. Take good care, Linnie

-- Linnie P.
Orlando, FL


StarStarStarStarStar  6/13/2011       Verified Verified Buyer

This is the first time I have made an expensive purchase over the internet. I contacted Ryan to ask some questions about how they rate/grade their diamonds and found him to be prompt, courteous, and professional via e-mail and on the phone. When I received my diamond earrings I took them to my jeweler and they checked out to be right on the money! My jewelers agreed that they were beautiful stones and couldn't believe the great price. I would definitely do business with them again.

-- Cynthia G. 
Chicago, IL 


StarStarStarStarStar  6/2/2011       Verified Verified Buyer

great customer service, prompt delivery, quality product, reliable refund policy, great value for your money... will shop with them again. 

-- Malakeh L.
New York, NY