Lowest Price Guarantee Terms and Conditions


The following terms and conditions apply to our price guarantee:

  1. •  The price guarantee can only be used before you purchase your jewelry. 
  2. •  A price guarantee will not be given after a product has been shipped under ANY circumstance.
  3. •  To verify the competing price, you must supply us with a link to the website offering the lower price.
  4. •  The competing price must be available to any member of the public and cannot be a unique discount.
  5. •  The lower price must remain in effect at the time your request is verified by us.
  6. •  Expired offers are not eligible.
  7. •  The competing company must be located in the United States and the price must be in US dollars.
  8. •  The competitor's diamond must have the same characteristics, including carat weight, cut, color, clarity, shape, and other determining factors for a diamond. We reserve the right to review your request and decide, in our sole discretion, whether the competitor's diamond is comparable.
  9. •  The competitor's product must be in stock and available for purchase at that price.
  10. •  Our price is the price after any rebates, gift certificates, and promotional discounts have been applied to an item. Costs for comparable shipping and handling and other hidden charges will be included in the price comparison.
  11. •  Competitors' special promotions such as rebates, gift certificates, bundled products and "buy one, get one" offers are not eligible for the price guarantee.
  12. •  Time-limited sales events that offers advertised as limited in time or quantity, clearance, liquidation and going-out-of business sales, and loyalty program offers are ineligible for the price guarantee.
  13. •  The price guarantee does not apply where the competitor or Century Diamonds has made a pricing error or typographical error on an item.
  14. •  Pawn shops and auctions (websites or brick and mortar stores) are ineligible for the price guarantee. Buy-it-now price on eBay may be eligible depending on the vendor.
  15. •  Only one diamond per customer is eligible for the price guarantee (multiple claims on the same diamond will not be eligible, regardless of the quantity ordered), and the price guarantee can only be applied once per diamond, even if a lower-priced offer is subsequently found.
  16. •  Our price guarantee only applies to purchases for personal use and does not apply to purchases for resale or commercial purposes or from our wholesale customers.
  17. •  If we decide to match a competitor's price, we will honor the new price for 48 hours.
  18. •  We reserve the right to verify all information regarding the competing offer and to refuse to offer a lower price, in our sole discretion, if unsatisfied with our ability to verify the competing price.
  19. •  We reserve the right to deny requests, modify these terms at any time, and terminate the guarantee at any time.