Lifetime Warranty

Century Diamond is committed to the quality of our craftsmanship. Every item we sell goes through our meticulous quality assurance department to ensure you receive an item that lasts you a lifetime. We are so confident in our work that we back most items with a lifetime warranty (Rolex watches come with a 90-day warranty).

What We Cover

  • Ring Resize- We know that once in a while your finger size may change. If this happens we have you covered. Limit 1 free ring resize annually. We do not recommend ever resizing a ring more than one or two times. This will result in weakening the integrity of the metal. Retail value $75. 
  • Cleaning- Diamonds tend to lose their original sparkle from normal wear and tear. Just send it back to us and we will bring that diamond back to life. Limit 1 free cleaning annually. Retail value $40.
  • Inspecting - Send us your item and let us ensure everything is tight and secure. No limit on inspections, we recommend every 6-12 months. Retail value $30.
  • Polishing - Minor scratches on the metal from normal wear and tear are covered. Limit 1 polish annually. Retail value $75.
  • Rhodium - White gold metals only. Since gold is naturally yellow a chemical element, rhodium, is applied in order to make it white. Rhodium tends to wear off from normal wear and tear, but rest assured we will rhodium your jewelry free. Limit 1 free rhodium annually. Retail value $150.
  • Maintenance- Notice a prong getting loose or a diamond is unstable? Let us fix it before you lose it! No limit on maintenance. Retail value $100.
  • Appraising - Diamonds naturally fluctuate in pricing. It is recommended to have your diamond reappraised every few years to update your insurance coverage. We will have it appraised again at our expense! Limit 1 free appraisal annually. Retail value $125.

What We Don't Cover

  • Lost Diamonds Under 0.05 carats- These are covered under a 30-day warranty.These diamonds are not covered under the lifetime warranty. However, if one happens to fall after 30-days we will cover it for significantly reduced pricing.
  • Lost Diamonds Over 0.06 carats- Unfortunately we cannot cover any diamonds 0.06 carats or above. However, if you claimed your jewelry with your homeowners or renters insurance, your insurer may cover it. We can also offer you significantly reduced pricing on these diamonds if you were to have them replaced. The appraisal certification we provide is accepted by insurer providers.
  • Lost Earring Backings- We do not cover backing lost however we will provide you with significant discounts and sell you a replacement at our cost.
  • Broken Chain- We will cover a broken chain for 30-days. After 30-days we will provide you with significant discounts if you return to us the broken chain.
  • Damage Beyond Normal Wear & Tear - We cannot cover any damage that can be seen as beyond normal wear and tear. This will usually include great physical damage caused by excessive heat and/or pressure resulting in a cracked diamond or significantly degraded metal. 
  • Damage Due to Work Done By Another Jeweler- If you need work done to your jewelry, please send it to us. We cannot be responsible for damage caused by another jeweler.
  • Engraving - Most work done to a ring will cause the engraving to be lost. We can redo the engraving at significant discounts.

Lifetime Warranty



Our Warranty Process

Once we receive your item and it is accepted, we will immediately begin working on repairs. Upon receiving your item, the item will be reviewed by our Quality Assurance department. Warranty exchanges without a Century Diamonds RMA code, and packages that are improperly packaged or uninsured will be refused on receipt.
How to Prepare a Warranty Exchange
1. Return Authorization Number (RMA): Call customer service at 800-937-0377 to let us know that you would like to do a warranty repair. We will give you an RMA number. Write the RMA number on your invoice and place inside the box. If you don't have this you may print it from your account or email. Returns will not be accepted without this number
2. Package Your Warranty Repair: Include the invoice, jewelry box, and jewelry to be repaired in the shipping box. For security reasons do not write "diamonds" or "jewelry" anywhere on the outside of the box.
3. Signature Confirmation (Required) and Insurance (Optional): Purchase signature confirmation for delivery. We will refuse packages that do not have a signature required. Insurance is optional but highly recommended. Only the shipper of a package may purchase insurance. Century Diamonds is not responsible for lost mail sent to us.
4. Ship the package: Your return/exchange needs to be postmarked within the time frame of our return policy. Please do not write "Diamonds" or "Jewelry" on the packaging and ensure you are sending the package to Century Inc. The full address will be provided in your email when requesting the RMA.
5. Tracking (Optional): Email [email protected] with your RMA# in the subject line and provide the tracking number in the body of the email. This step is optional but recommended only to ensure you do not lose the tracking number and it is safely in your inbox.




  • Any repairs not completed by Century Diamonds will void the warranty
  • Shipping charges apply depending on shipping speed requested. $4.99 and up.
  • Most warranty repairs are completed within 1 week of receipt.
  • Items showing signs of significant wear and tear or those that have been altered, resized (by a jeweler other than Century diamonds) or damaged are not eligible for warranty repairs and will void your warranty
  • Watches come with a 90-day warranty.
  • Shipping and handling rates are nonrefundable. 
  • Century Diamonds does not provide return shipping boxes or materials nor pay for return shipping costs.
  • Century Diamonds is not responsible for lost or damaged packages without insurance. Insurance claims must be done by the insurer/shipper.

If you have any questions about the warranty repair process, please contact us at [email protected].