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Century Diamonds offers the widest selection of certified diamond stud earrings. We are the leading retailer of diamonds at wholesale prices. Why pay full price for an item when you can have it at a fraction of a cost. We cut out the middle man for you and go direct to the source for our diamonds. This allows us to provide rock bottom prices for our certified diamonds. We have little to no overhead which allows us to further cut our prices and give you fantastic prices on our diamond stud earrings. Regardless of the type, princess cut or round cut, we will have it. Magnificent clarity that just sparkles on your ears in SI, VS and VVS clarities. Jaw dropping prices that will not burden your wallet and you don’t have to take out a second mortgage.

We have a massive selection of items and with over 50 years of being in the diamond business we know our stuff inside and out. Everyone always asks how can we manage our jaw dropping prices and this is exactly how: Keep our costs low, our service high, our diamond quality exceptional, and our customers happy. Everything else just seems to fall in place.

Century Diamonds has exclusive deals and selections like no other company and every one of our fabulous pieces comes with a full gemological report. You can rest easy that you have received the best prices that you find anywhere. With us you do not have to worry if you can afford it or not. This allows you to then focus on style and the type of diamond stud earrings you would want.

All of our diamonds offer brilliant clarity that just sparkle for any occasion. It puts woman at the center of every one’s attention. Century Diamonds allows anyone to be able to afford exquisite certified diamonds with precision cut and quality. When you are shopping for diamond stud earring for your special someone we will have you covered with our online retail store. We make sure you get a bang for every buck that you spend that does not break the bank nor your wallet.

If you have any questions do not hesitate to call us and have any one of our representatives assist you with finding the best diamond stud earrings for your needs at the most affordable prices. 800-937-0377.