Clearance Pendants

Diamond pendants are a simple and elegant fashion accessory that goes with everything. Century Diamonds offers high-quality necklaces in a variety of shapes and styles for extremely reasonable prices.

White Diamond Solitaire Pendants

Diamonds are graded by cut, color, clarity and carat. Diamond pendants are available from Century Diamonds in varying styles and sizes. Choose from a classic round brilliant, pear-shaped, marquise or princess cut diamond. Diamonds are cut into geometric shapes to produce facets that increase light entering the gem, reflecting it through the top to create sparkle and shine.

In addition to white, diamond pendants can be made from yellow, pink or blue diamonds as well. Color in diamonds is rare and is caused by elements in addition to carbon being present when the crystal forms deep inside the earth.

Clarity is a measure of how clear a stone is and whether or not it has imperfections. Very few perfect diamonds exist in this world, making them near priceless. Most stones sold for diamond pendants and other jewelry have small flaws that can't be seen with the naked eye.

The weight of a diamond is expressed in carats. One carat weighs 200 milligrams or approximately .007 ounces. Generally speaking, bigger diamonds are more valuable, although the above factors need to be taken into consideration as well.

Black Diamond Pendants

Black diamonds make fascinating and unique diamond pendants. These stones, which are also called carbonadoes, are only found in Brazil and east Africa and are thought to be the product of an asteroid strike millions of years ago. They are extremely hard and difficult to cut. Century Diamonds offers black diamond pendants in a variety of sizes. These mysterious stones make wonderful gifts.

Cluster Diamond Necklaces

Cluster diamond pendants feature a collection of small stones set together. This style of necklace allows craftsmen to use slightly lower grade gems, while still producing a brilliant and sparkling piece of jewelry. When grouped together, any flaws in the diamonds are not noticeable, and the grouping gives the piece the illusion of greater size. Cluster necklaces can have a lot of visual impact.

Custom Designs

Don't see what you are looking for? Contact Century Diamonds and we can create a custom-designed piece for you. Our in-house artisans work with quality materials and because we do everything ourselves, we can offer you big discounts compared to most retail jewelers. All of the diamond pendants we sell at Century Diamonds come with a lifetime warranty and a 30- day money back guarantee. And you don't need to worry about where the stones for the diamond pendants came from; all of the gems sold at Century Diamonds are certified authentic, natural and conflict-free. Your purchase will arrive in a lovely gift box and is covered by a lifetime upgrade or exchange agreement. Visit our design page today for your jewelry needs.