Halo Rings

Halo Rings

Halo Rings grace the fingers of celebrities and royals alike. Century Diamonds brings this bold, yet classic look to you, with a wide selection of sizes and styles.


A halo diamond engagement ring features a large stone encircled by smaller ones, usually diamonds. This style is very popular right now, and Century Diamonds offers many styles of halo rings to purchase.

Halo Style

This style of ring is called halo because the large stone in the center is surrounded by smaller ones, giving the impression that the ring has a halo. The addition of the outer ring enhances a halo diamond engagement ring and gives the illusion of a larger ring. Sometimes jewelers add rows of smaller diamonds part way down the band as well.


Any cut of diamond can be used for a halo diamond engagement ring. The round brilliant has been the most popular cut for solitaire diamond engagement rings for many years, and a round stone looks even more dramatic when it is surrounded by a circle of tiny, twinkling white diamonds. But any cut of diamond can be used in a halo ring, pear to marquise to emerald. Century Diamonds offers both round and princess cut halo rings, and custom orders and cuts are available.

Popular Style

Several celebrity brides have chosen a halo diamond engagement ring. Kelly Clarkson, Carrie Underwood and Natalie Portman all wear halo rings. Probably the most famous halo ring is the one Prince Charles gave to Lady Diana Spencer. The dark blue, emerald-cut sapphire encircled by diamonds now graces the hand of Kate Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge and the wife of Charles and Diana's son, Prince William, the Duke of Cambridge.

Clarity and Carat

The halo style not only makes the center diamond appear larger, but it can also mask slight imperfections in the stone. The circle of smaller stones adds additional sparkle to the center and allows you to use a less expensive stone for your halo diamond engagement ring, but delivers the maximum in visual drama. Adding the outer circle of smaller stones to a halo diamond engagement ring makes the center stone appear larger. You can choose decide on a variety of stones of different clarity and size at Century Diamonds. We have the right stone to fit your budget.


White diamonds are a popular choice for a halo diamond engagement ring, but colored stones will also work. Century Diamonds features white diamonds in their halo rings, but you can customize your ring with other stones of your choice. A black diamond surrounded by smaller white ones is particularly striking.

Trust Century Diamonds

When you purchase a halo diamond engagement ring through Century Diamonds, you will receive the finest craftsmanship, attentive customer service and many diamonds to search through at nearly half the price of most retailers. We cut out the middle man to bring you only natural diamonds that are conflict-free, and our staff of fine jewelers creates every piece so that we can pass these savings on to you. Your halo diamond engagement ring will come with a 30-day return policy, a money back guarantee and a warranty for life. Choose your halo diamond engagement ring with Century Diamonds today.