Bands with Stones

Bands with Stones

While the diamond may be the centerpiece, the band is the finishing touch. Bands with Stones add elegance to any diamond ring.


Once a simple band made of gold, wedding rings now come in many different styles. Century Diamonds creates women's diamond wedding bands with several settings and sizes to choose from. Our in-house artisans can also create a customized design just for you.

Prong Set

Our prong set diamond engagement rings feature round cut and princess cut diamonds. This intricate design presents a unique flair on the classic solitaire design by adding beautiful prong-set sidestones to further accentuate the center stone.

Floral Design

The floral design variation features stunning detail, with a design that resembles a flower with its petals extending out. The center stone seems to radiate outwards, dazzling the viewer with its beauty.

Triple Band Elevated

Elevated solitaire engagement rings feature an extraordinary design with a triple band of dazzling, decadent sidestones. This incredibly detailed ring shimmers brilliantly in the light and is sure to wow whoever sets eyes on it.

Trellis Split Shank

Our trellis solitaire rings with sidestones and split shank are exquisitely crafted, presenting a modern twist on a classic style. We offer rings in this style with round cut and princess cut diamonds, ensuring that this is a gift that will never go out of style.

A Tradition of Commitment

Wedding rings have been exchanged since before the beginning of written history to act as an external symbol of a couple's connection. Some people say that the first wedding "rings" were ropes of grass tied around a bride's wrists and ankles to keep her from running away. While this could be plausible, there is no way to validate this story. We do know, however, that wedding rings for women were common, at least among the upper classes, in many ancient societies. The married women among the Greeks, Romans and Egyptians all wore bands of precious metal, usually gold, on the fourth finger of their left hand because this was believed to be the location of a vein that went directly to the heart.

Diamonds became popular for wedding jewelry in the fifteenth century, and their popularity skyrocketed after the discovery of new mines in Brazil and Africa. The greater supply created more demand, and women's diamond wedding bands became very popular during the Victorian era.

Worry-Free Purchase

Women's diamond wedding bands created by Century Diamonds are examples of great artistry at a very reasonable price. Because we do all of our own work and we don't purchase our stones from middle men, Century Diamonds can sell our creations at nearly half what you would pay at a mall jewelry store. All of the diamonds we sell are certified authentic, conflict-free, and come with a 30-day money back guarantee, as well as a life-time warranty. Buy your wife's wedding band or eternity ring from Century Diamonds.