Something Old, Something New

Beautiful jewelry is something that you should have forever. It should withstand the test of time. It should be something that you can pass down from generation to generation, and with each year, it should only become more and more precious.

Many brides-to-be can easily find their something borrowed and their something blue. Of course, something new is pretty easy to come by, too. The trick to integrating something old is finding something that is stunning enough to take part in your special day that has held onto its precious qualities as it has aged.

It is for this reason, that we are proud of our custom jewelry design services. If you have your grandmother’s diamonds or your father’s wedding band, and you want to make your special piece a part of your own ‘something old’, our team would love to help! Your wedding day is just as unique as you are, and it only makes sense that you wear jewelry that reflects everything that creates your own special beauty. Our designers love to stretch their creative muscles by creating custom jewelry that represents our clients.

Picture this: You have your grandmother’s sapphire earrings. You’ve never really worn them, but they’re very special to you. You would love to wear them in your wedding to represent your love for her, but they don’t match your colors or your dress. Have you considered integrating them into your engagement or wedding ring?

There was a time when only diamonds dawned the rings that represent a lifetime of love. As technology and creativity have evolved in the jewelry industry, we have enjoyed integrating colors and gemstones that don’t necessarily represent the traditional idea of an engagement or wedding ring, but they bring a much more special and personal touch to the pieces.

Whether you have an exact idea of what you want in your ring or you just know that you haven’t seen anything that strikes you in the stores yet, we can help! Our experts can bring your ideas to real life or help you combine the characteristics of other rings that you have loved to create your very own unique ring. When you stand in front of your friends and family on your Big Day, you’ll have your ‘something old’ and your ‘something new’ with a ring that was made just for you.

If you would like to learn more about customizing your jewelry, contact our team at Century Diamonds Outlet today!